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Intercare Kuwait can be credited as an industry leader in business of innovative professional hygiene solutions in the Middle East & also best sellers of Portable Machines in KUWAIT . Starting with just two employees in 1998, today Intercare has grown phenomenally, both in status and rank.

After having successfully captured the markets of Kuwait, Intercare has launched its world class professional hygiene & cleaning systems in India and Qatar.

Setting rigid standards of quality with a flexible product line and services, Intercare aims to take the edge over its competitors. Specialized products and hi-tech dispensing systems ensure that the company adheres to its mission of introducing innovative systems and effective cleaning solutions to its client.

With strong commitment to "Service with Integrity" policy, Intercare continues to fulfill its promise of providing state of the art and modern day solutions to meet the needs of all its customers.


Intercare General Trading and Contracting Company is an owner managed company based in Kuwait since 1998. The company is primarily involved in providing innovative hygiene and cleaning solutions to B2B and B2C customers with a major emphasis on the Hospitality and Food & Beverage Industry. Its trading activities can be split up into the washroom, kitchen and property hygiene, maintenance and cleaning solutions. Apart from trading, Intercare also carriers out floor restoration services for all types of floors and carpet cleaning services. Intercare consider itself to be "solution provider" and not a mere supplier of dispensers, cleaning chemicals, equipments and specialist floor-care services.

Innovative Hygiene with Intercare

Intercare Kuwait offers a gamut of general and specialized services towards hygiene, cleaning and sanitation. With an extensive range of specialized cleaning solutions, both chemical and mechanical, Intercare single handedly meets demanding hygiene needs of the customers.

The intelligent and effective product range offered by Intercare produces brilliant results upon use, while meeting the rising hygiene demands of present day living.

Intercare's product & service range is so expansive that it becomes an ally in every facet of our living, and goes on to include the following aspects of our everyday living.


Intercare General Trading and Contracting is not assocoiated with companies of similar names in UAE, Qatar and Egypt.

Qatar Intercare Technical Services (QITS) company based in Doha, Qatar is a sister concern.

Our Products

Hygiene and Cleaning Products

  • Dispensers
  • Washroom
  • Kitchen
  • Universal Building
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Cleaning Chemicals & Solutions

  • Dishwashing (commercial)
  • General Kitchen Hygiene
  • Building Cleaning
  • Washroom Cleaning
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Cleaning Equipment€™s

  • Dishwashing (commercial)
  • General Kitchen Hygiene
  • Building Cleaning
  • Washroom Cleaning
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